JP Walker has come a long way from his beginnings as a young kid skating the street of Farmington, Utah with Jeremy Jones. JP a.k.a. "The Don", has become of the most highly respected athletes in the snowboarding industry for a number of reasons…how much time do you have? This guy perfectly blends his innovative tricks with an unmatched and unparalleled style, not to mention the ten years of insanely impressive video parts.

JP has the kind of skills so envied that spectators are often simply left shaking their heads in awe. You can find countless articles, including more than 8 magazine covers in the last year graced with JP's confidence. Publications such as Snowboard, Method and Transworld Snowboarding just to name a few. JP continues to push the progression of snowboarding in his own way, filming for the Stepchild/32 Team video with teammates Simon Chamberlain and Joe Sexton. JP also understands the coolness of golf and it's no surprise he enjoys putting away in his spare time…whenever that is. Keep an eye out on DBOT5'S website for more updates on JP and his dope skills on the course!